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Halo Chandelier

The Halo with its the curved cords makes a fascinating appearance. Fill the lamp holders with your favourite bulbs.

Halo Chandelier

Six golden lamp holders in a ring creating a elegant chandelier together with black textile cord. Regular height for the HALO is 1000mm from canopy to the ring. The height is designed to fit above a dining table in a room with 2400-2500mm high ceiling. Light sources are not included. The cords can be ordered in different textile colors and customized lengths. If you order through our webshop you will have the HALO in regular height and black textile cord. If you want to change the cord color contact our customer service and they will guide you. For an additional cost you can also change the length of the cord. Please contact  

Material Anodized Aluminum
Six pendants E27
Textile cord 6 x 1500mm
Cord color Black ( to change color contact customer service )
Width Chandelier ring 630mmØ
Regular height from ceiling 1000mm, can be adjusted to fit your preferences

Caring for Metal: Please turn off the electricity before cleaning. Use a clean, soft cloth to wipe your lamp from dust, the use of a cleaner is not necessary.