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There are many good reasons to be a NUD retailer

Customize the product to fit your assortment

Create pendants and chandeliers to match the mixture of products in your shop. Mix colors and materials and get the perfect style for your assortment. A great way to complement your offer and get additional sales.


A small handy catalogue, to place next to the products. Nice product packaging, choose between two styles to get the best outcome for your space. Fancy paper bags. A useful ceiling display with room for 3-7 pendants to show the lamp holders for customers.

Boost your social media

We update with new posts several times a week. We've noticed that many of our retailers like to repost. Always good to have a stock of photos to use to stay on top of your visability online.

Great Customer service

Our dedicated team will help you before, during and after your purchase. Selecting colors and styles can be tricky, we know which products that sells best in different regions. We'll be happy to assist you with any questions or requests.

Want a NUD tablet in your shop?

Show your customers the whole NUD range. With the NUD-locked tablet you can present the possibilities with the modular system which provides thousands of options without having all the products in stock. Orders can not be made from the tablet but needs to be done with help from your shop-assistant. This can be a great addition to your store layout and can break the ice for many curios customers. Contact customer service to get to know more.

Selected start kit at a discount

Get a hand picked set of NUD products. The start kit is a good way for new customers to get to know the product range. With a mix of new and bestselling products together with a nice discount. We will soon present the start kits here in the B2B section for you to discover. Want more information straight away? Please contact customer service and they will help you.