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Cork Sand

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Cork Sand

This environmentally friendly socket is made from reused wine corks and waste material from cork production. This bark material is not just an effective way to seal a wine bottle, why not add it to your decor to reatin the warm and natural look . Its design is simple and versatile, allowing it to be suitable for a vareity of decord and settings.

Material Upcycled wine corks
Socket E26 and E27
Dimensions H: 90mm D: 48mm
Cord 3M or 6M
Includes Ceiling cup and terminal block or europlug

CORK SAND is made of upcycled cork.

Caring for Cork: Please unplug before cleaning. Clean with a dry or slightlydamp cloth and a mild cleaning product, when necessary. Do not machine wash. Not suitable for microwave use. Keep from exposure to direct sun light to prevent discolouring. When in contact with water, cork will temporary darken; allow to dry thoroughly. Avoid contact with soapy or greasy water as that can stain the material. Cork is a natural raw material; its appearance, namely color, may alter with time, without loss to its intrinsic properties.