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NUD Bulbs

Our bulbs can be bought separate or with any of our sockets (except LED), we have bulbs

in different sizes and design. 

Fluorescent bulb with E27 socket. This glass never needs to be thrown away, replace the
interchangeable light source when the burning hours are over and it becomes new.

Specification: 5W, 220-240V, 310 lumen, not dimmable.


Classic industrial designed light bulbs in four different sizes. The coiled filament is spreading
a warm and pleasant light. Buy separately or with a suspension.

Globe 80mm
Specification: 25 watt, 80 lumen, 2700 kelvin, dimmable

Globe 60mm & 125mm
Specification: 40 watt, 120 lumen, (90 lumen Globe 60mm) 2700 kelvin, dimmable

For the NA market we have the halogen bulbs; Stripe, Mirror, White 100mm & 125mm, Globe 80mm & 125mm. 


Globe 60mm, 40Watt
Globe 80mm, 25watt
Globe 125mm, 40 watt
Lowenergy White 80mm, 5watt
Lowenergy White 100mm, 5watt
Lowenergy White 125mm, 5watt
Lowenergy Mirror 125mm, 5watt
Lowenergy pattern 125mm, 5watt
Lowenergy pattern 100mm, 5watt
lowenergy Stripe 100mm, 5watt
lowenergy Ice 100mm, 5watt
Handpainted Black Stripe 125mm, 5watt